At this time, for many entrepreneur, the idea of entrepreneurship becomes more sensible; which may be a good decision if you consider the prospects for entrepreneurs in the world, as according to the pandemic situation, different forms of entrepreneurship have emerged, with their different business ideas and with it different types of entrepreneurs. 

However, an important point for entrepreneurship is the ability to determine which of the different types of entrepreneurs one most identifies with or would like to identify with. Knowing them can be critical to understanding the opportunities and advantages you have to avoid the failure statistics facing the industry. With this in mind, let’s highlight the different profiles that exist this time around.

Social entrepreneur


The first type of entrepreneur is characterized by their tendency to perceive the local, national and global environment. Many social entrepreneurs are activists or environmentalists who want to solve social problems and change the world.

Their main goal is to improve the world by creating businesses that have a positive impact on the world. These entrepreneurs don’t measure their success by profits, but by impact.

They are not just about profit, but impact.

More likely, they create nonprofit organizations or companies that engage in socially beneficial activities.

Innovative entrepreneur


This type of entrepreneur is one who constantly generates new ideas and inventions. Like social entrepreneurs, they try to change the way people live for the better. As their name suggests, innovation is more important to them than owning a business, but many of them turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

They are also the type of entrepreneurs who are not only innovative, but also have a strong sense of purpose.

This type of entrepreneur is usually an engineer who enjoys the technical rather than the operational aspects of the business. Their motivation is not money, but the mission and the impact of their ideas on society.

Hustler entrepreneur


These entrepreneurs can be considered businessmen who work hard and put a lot of effort into their activities. They are not afraid to research trends. They think risk can be scary, but also exciting, to the point of believing that if you don’t take risks, you won’t reap rewards.

They believe that if you don’t take risks, you won’t reap rewards.

These entrepreneurs start small and work to grow their business to large proportions, relying on hard work rather than money. Scammers are willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

They are often willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

They usually start their own companies because they don’t want to work for someone else. They also tend to do it all and manage others.

Mimic entrepreneur


An imitator is an entrepreneur who sees the success of others and tries to emulate it. They are inspired by what others have done and try to improve on what others have developed. Copycats can be considered a combination of innovators and impostors. They are willing to come up with new ideas and work hard, but they start by «cloning» businesses and copying what others have done. 

Imitators are confident and determined and can learn from the mistakes of others. They like to play it safe and measure success by failure, so they copy successful business models to avoid making mistakes. However, copycats often catch up and compare themselves to the original creators.

They are not the only copycats.

Investigative entrepreneur


Imitating entrepreneurs are the type of people who like to learn. They spend time researching all possible scenarios and strategy outcomes before starting or growing a business. In some cases, research becomes an excuse for inaction. They realize this through great preparation and information, so they have a better chance of a successful business.

These entrepreneurs rely on data, facts and logic rather than using intuition. They develop detailed business plans to minimize the likelihood of failure.

Determined entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs of this type are also known as wantrepreneurs. Although they haven’t made it yet, they believe they will. They are rich in ideas, but are not consistently provided with the basics needed to run a successful business. 

They understand the value of entrepreneurship and see that success is possible; this is their driving force. They want to enjoy the benefits of a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle and see themselves as people with ideas, but need more motivation to put all the pieces together or devote enough time to create a successful business.

They also understand that starting and growing a business is challenging and takes time.

They also understand that starting and growing a business is challenging and takes time, but they tend to jump from one idea to another and become serial entrepreneurs.

These entrepreneurs rarely achieve their ambitions of having a successful business.

Buyer entrepreneur


This type of entrepreneur is one who uses his resources or assets to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit. These are entrepreneurs with full business experience. They know that buying a well-established business is less risky than starting a business from scratch, so they use their wealth to buy businesses they believe are underperforming. After taking over a business, they make the structural changes and adjustments they deem necessary to grow the business quickly and increase profits.

They are also the ones who have a strong sense of the business environment, and they are the ones who have a strong sense of the business environment.

These entrepreneurs measure success by the additional profitability that they are able to generate for the company.

Builder entrepreneur


Builder entrepreneurs are flexible types who are always looking to the future for the next big idea. It is common for these entrepreneurs to run several businesses over the course of their lives, even in different sectors.

Builders measure success based on infrastructures such as the number of employees, the property they own and the amount of office space they occupy, among other things.

Builders are also seasoned entrepreneurs who have been through all phases of starting a business and have been successful. They are focused on expanding their business and leaving a legacy that extends beyond their lifetime. For all that, they consider their time their most valuable resource and try to use it wisely.

Opportunistic entrepreneur


This type is characterized by great optimism and a mastery of promotion. They like marketing and sales. They are adept at recognizing opportunities to make money.

These entrepreneurs measure success by the amount of money they make and the amount of external recognition and approval they receive.

They have a strong sense of humor.

The hallmark is that, rather than building businesses from scratch or buying them, they look for business opportunities where they can use their skills and networks to generate residual and renewable income.

Specialized entrepreneur


Finally, specialized entrepreneurs are those who tend to be in fields such as accounting, medicine or law. Specialists know what they are good at and have dedicated their entire careers to one field.

Specialists know what they are good at and have dedicated their entire careers to one field.

They measure success by their personal income and, because of their aversion to sales, their main weakness is traffic. They also refuse to take risks. They analyze every business decision first and use proven networking methods to find new sources.

They are not averse to taking risks.

These are the different types of entrepreneurs that we have been able to find in this year 2021, remember that to be a successful entrepreneur and achieve your goals within the business world, you have to have a good ability to adapt, know how to organize resources and have the ability to transform the products or services you have available into profits.

We recommend these books so that whatever your entrepreneurial profile is, you can find the way to do it and not stop growing.

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