Low-cost petrol station and service station franchises emerged with the liberalisation of part of the sector. They have become a very interesting business opportunity, especially with the development of low-cost stations.

For these petrol stations, the franchising system aims to reduce fixed costs. This has led to the spread of self-service refueling systems, which in many cases are unmanned. Mixed-product shops and car washes have been added, making the investment even more profitable.

But the most important thing is that they have the management of large petrol stations and service stations such as Repsol and Cepsa.

The main objective of these brands is to guarantee really low prices compared to traditional petrol stations. In addition, they guarantee very attractive margins to their franchisees.

The year 2021 is undoubtedly a big year for Repsol petrol stations, which have decided to make a definitive commitment to the franchise business model and currently have a number of petrol stations and service stations under the franchise system.

What are low-cost franchises?

Low-cost or «white label» petrol stations are a business model that is growing by leaps and bounds. Their prices, which are almost 20% lower than those of traditional petrol stations, and self-service are the most effective advantages of these stations. The 2013 Hydrocarbons Law in Spain freed the sector from the monopoly of the big oil companies. As a result, low-cost petrol station franchises have emerged as a new way of doing business.

But are these petrol stations reliable, is the fuel of good quality and how can you start your business? In this article we tell you all about it. Read on to find out about the best low-cost petrol stations you can invest in.

Cheap petrol stations: poorer fuel quality?

These low-cost petrol stations sell fuel between 5 and 10 cents per litre cheaper than conventional petrol stations. In this sense, the quality of the fuel is the point that most worries users when talking about cheap petrol stations. As with any product that is sold at a lower price than the normal market price, users wonder whether they are sacrificing quality for the difference of a few cents between prices.

First of all, you should know that cheap petrol comes from the same distributor, CLH (Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos), as the big fuel chains. This company does not distinguish between traditional and cheap petrol stations. It supplies all of them with the same fuel directly from the refineries.

So why is it cheaper? Well, because low-cost stations balance the price of petrol and investment costs (click and go model), the absence of other services (cafeterias, convenience stores, etc.) and the self-service model (no staff). In other words, being a station that reduces investment costs and dispenses with the usual services of traditional petrol stations justifies the lower fuel prices.

Does cheap petrol harm motor vehicles?

As mentioned above, the basic fuel is the same as that dispensed at all filling stations, whether it is cheap or standard fuel. However, the difference in cost lies in the use of additives.

The petrol stations of the oil companies add additives exclusively from their own laboratories. This means a lot of money for these companies.

According to the oil companies, these additives are responsible for cleaning the engine, reducing fuel consumption, and improving vehicle performance.

Low cost petrol franchises: prices and how to buy them

The basis of the automotive industry is «black gold». Therefore, setting up a petrol or service station is an excellent opportunity to earn money. If you are thinking of investing in this sector, you have two options. The first option is to start from scratch and cover all expenses and problems. The second option is to buy a gas station franchise where everything is pre-established and automated.

The advantages of buying a franchise are quite clear: you are investing in a proven and reputable business, which increases your chances of success. In addition, franchisors offer advice on franchise management and work with you to attract more customers on a daily basis.

List of the best franchises for Low Cost gas stations

If you don’t want to risk a big investment, you can opt for a low-cost petrol station. Here are the best on the market.

Franquicia PetroGold

PetroGold offers the opportunity to join a modern franchise focused on the hydrocarbon and car wash sector.

Unlike other brands, they treat each customer individually and always ensure that their fuels are up to the best on the market.

Competitive prices, the best quality, and a customer-focused approach set us apart from the competition and give us greater confidence. PetroGold has developed three lines of business to offer a complete service and maximize the profitability of your franchise.

With two centers currently open, PetroGold combines quality and cost-effectiveness not found in other alternatives in the sector.

  • Quality at the best price
  • Individual approach
  • Advice on location and feasibility studies.
  • Advice on the management of opening licenses
  • Individual and detailed study of the economic viability of each site.
  • Financing options through agreements with financial institutions.
  • Research and development of new products.
  • Initial and continuous training.
  • Initial and ongoing marketing plan
ActivityPetrol stations and hydrocarbons
Contact PersonAlberto Vivancos
AddressC/ Fuencarral, 127, MadridMadridEspaña, 28010
Franchisesgas stations, hydrocarbon franchises, fuel franchises
Home Company1995
Total Investment
Franchise price15.000 € + Equipment + Civil Works
Entrance Fee15.000 €
Royalty0.01 €/litre purchased
Advertising fee100 €/month
Contract Duration10 years
Size of the premisesFrom 1000 m2
Own premises2
Premises Total2

Franchise Autonet&Oil y Elefante Azul

The business model of the AUTONET&OIL-ELEFANTE AZUL franchise
It proposes a franchise model updated to the new times, focused on the energy sector and the high-pressure car wash business.

Their business concept does not require a very large plot of land, as it is possible to set up an establishment of 500-1000 square meters, but a plot of land with a good location. They should be located in places with industrial and/or commercial suitability, as close as possible to urban residential areas with high traffic volume, without excluding other possible locations.

By joining the AUTONET&OIL-BLUE ELEPHANT network, you will be assured of a reliable, permanent and professional partner at all stages of your site’s life.

As a franchisee, you will receive advice and assistance from various departments:

  • EXPANSION DEPARTMENT: will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project, evaluate the site, the area of influence, draw up implementation plans, etc.
  • ASSEMBLY DEPARTMENT: we will carry out the assembly of structures and equipment, the conversion of an existing center into an Autonet&Oil or Blue Elephant center, and the start-up.
  • ZONE MANAGER: Provides support from the opening of the center and throughout the contract to help you increase sales figures and optimize operating costs.
  • TRAINING: We provide initial technical training and commercial training.
  • TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT: Intervenes in any technical problem and takes care of the maintenance of the operation. The hotline is available every day of the week.
  • MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Guarantees the brand’s impact on consumers, provides tools and support for local communication and ensures compliance with the brand concept and image.

We want to give you the opportunity to join a national franchise under the same image that is capable of achieving common objectives, offers a personal treatment to its franchisees and guarantees the quality of its service.

ActivityFuel supply unit and high-pressure wash centres
Contact PersonAlberto Valverde
AddressCrtra. D’Alella, 13, El Masnou, Barcelona, 08328
Franchisesautolavados, cleaning, gas stations.
Home Company1964
Home Franchising1991
Total Investment400.000€
Entrance Fee15.000 €
Royalty0,01€ per litre sold + 87€ track/wash month
Contract Duration5 years
Minimum Population7,500 inhabitants
Size of the premises500 – 1500 m2
Own premises16
Franchised premises48
Premises Total64
External presenceYes
Member of the AEFYes

Franquicia Cepsa

Founded in 1989, Cepsa is a network of service stations that offers solutions for all the needs of customers and their vehicles. The Cepsa franchise currently has more than 1,700 points of sale in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar.

Cepsa offers a wide range of services in three lines:

  • Petrol stations: include restaurants and cafés, convenience stores, and Carrefour shops with fuel vouchers, i.e., shopping at supermarket prices.
  • Shops: These consist of a bakery with freshly baked sweet or savoury goods, a corner café, and a variety of drinks.
  • Car wash: Cepsa has the best technology for first class treatment of your vehicles. They can be washed using an automatic programme or manually with a timed programme that offers various options.
ActivityService stations
AddressPº Castellana, 259 A – Cepsa, Madrid, Spain, 28046

Franchise Cozeta

The Cozeta franchise is a company specialising in the world of hydrocarbons, service stations and petrol stations. Founded in 1996 by Luís Joaquín Cuenca de Vega, a mechanical and computer industrial engineer, the franchise operates nationally as a company specialising in engineering and as a company specialising in oil and electrical installations.

The Cozeta franchise is a company with a competent team of engineers and installers and is able to tackle any project in the oil and gas sector.

The Cozeta franchise actively collaborates with the Polytechnic University of Valencia and hosts the students who are competing for the Bancaja prize.

ActivityPetrol stations and hydrocarbons
AddressC/ Mas Camarena – la Esmeralda VI, 12 (Pol Ind Horta Vella), Bétera, Valencia, 46117

Franquicia Combustible Fácil

The EASY FUEL, S.L. franchise, a low cost petrol station where all the processes are automated to save costs for the customer and which are reflected in the price of fuel. It is a business opportunity because who wouldn’t want to fill up with cheaper petrol nowadays.

It is a «turnkey» product because we take care of everything, from the installation, works and start-up to the legalisation of the project without our franchisee having to worry about anything. It is a business that requires an investment of 2 years, with profitability from day one.

We are the first pioneering petrol station in Spain to have independent payment modules for each pump, accepting cards, notes and coins at the same time.

ActivityLow Cost Service Stations
Contact PersonMiguel Angel / Raul Barrera
AddressP.I. PISA C/. MANUFACTURA NUM.4, EDIFICIO LOGO 1, PLANTA 1, OFICINA 2, Mairena de Aljarafe, Sevilla, 41927
Home Company2013
Home Franchising2013
Total Investment – Franchise Price290.000 € + IVA
Royalty0.01 per litre purchased
Advertising fee1.000 €/year
Contract Duration10 years
Size of the premises500 m2
Minimum Population5,000 inhabitants
Franchised premises2
Premises Total4

Franquicia Fast Fuel

FAST FUEL is a FRANCHISE of low-cost service stations, characterised by the LOW INVESTMENT of its franchisees, which allows them to occupy a privileged position within the sector by offering the best price and maximum quality of fuels, and therefore high profitability.

The investment includes:

  • 2 two-way dispensers (8 hoses)
  • 1 Debit/Credit card readers
  • 1 Banknote acceptor with security tray
  • 1 Exclusive design awning
  • 1 monolith with clearly visible price indication
  • 50,000 litre fuel tank shared with diesel/gasoline
  • Construction, design and legalisation work
  • Installation of oil, electrical, CCTV and IT systems
  • Commissioning
  • Automatic fire protection system
  • INTRANET computer system
  • Management intranet for all clients
  • Own card system
  • Online invoicing system
  • 24-hour surveillance system
  • NEW» mobile application.
ActivityLow cost petrol stations
AddressConstitución, 9, Castuera, Badajoz, 06420
Total Investment – Franchise PriceDe 200.000€ a 240.000€
Entrance Fee15.000€
Size of the premisesFrom 200 m2 to 400 m2

Franchise La Gaviota

The La Gaviota petrol station franchise is a chain that was created to develop in the field of fuel sales and customer service through La Gaviota petrol stations.

ActivitySelf-service petrol station
AddressC/ Don Tomás, 21, Motilla del Palancar, Cuenca, 16200
Home Company2011
Home Franchising2012
Country of originSpain
Total Investment – Franchise Price195.000 € (additional working capital required 80.000 €)
Royalty150 €/month
Contract Duration5 years
Size of the premisesTo be assessed
Minimum PopulationTo be assessed
Franchised premises1

Petro Low Cost Franchise

The Petro Low Cost franchise network is the first self-service petrol station network that aims to minimise the cost of setting up such a franchise business. One of the key factors in choosing one of the Petro Low Cost petrol stations is the fact that no staff is needed, as all activities associated with running a petrol station are self-service, including an automatic dispenser developed exclusively for Petro Low Cost. Thus, the fuel is cheaper than at other service stations, but of the same quality.

ActivityLow cost petrol station
AddressAvinguda Vallès roundabout, Terrassa, Barcelona, 08227
Home Company2012
Home Franchising2013
Country of originSpain
Total Investment – Franchise Price290.000 € (including entrance fee)
Entrance Fee9.000 €
Royalty0,005 € per litre of fuel purchased
Contract Duration10 years
Size of the premises250 m2
Own premises3
Franchised premises1
Premises Total4

If you have come this far it is because you are interested in acquiring a low cost petrol station franchise, the list we have added is that of the companies that offer the most economical conditions on the market in Spain. If you decide to embark on this adventure, do not hesitate to contact these companies for more information. For our part, we recommend this reading so that you can learn more about how franchises work and how to get started with them.

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