Crowdlending allows many diverse people to provide funds directly to various businesses without having to ask people for money in a traditional banking environment.

In crowdlending, the model is that individuals lend small amounts of money to companies in exchange for an agreed financial return through a loan contract.

What is crowdlending?

Crowdlending offers companies new opportunities to raise investment capital and take advantage of benefits such as diversification of lending sources and the familiarity of using crowdlending as a source of finance.

On the other hand, individual investors benefit from higher returns, have some knowledge and can make decisions on the use of their funds and subsequently use them to have a positive impact.

Crowdlending refers to the financing of a company, project or individual by a large number of investors rather than by one or a limited number of investors. It is an innovative model that allows the financial community to provide funds without having to rely on traditional financial institutions such as banks.

This model has grown rapidly internationally in recent years: in 2013, loans financed by crowdflending amounted to around USD 3 billion, 150% more than in 2012, and are expected to exceed USD 5 billion in 2014. Several factors are behind this growth.

  • The rapid penetration of the Internet and new online technologies.
  • The proliferation of online communities, such as social networks.
  • The growing sophistication of investors, who now feel increasingly sophisticated and capable of managing their own investments.

Increasing investor demand for low-cost, ethical and transparent alternatives to traditional financial products and services, especially since the global financial crisis.
Crowdlending is a type of microcredit, a model that emerged in the 1990s as an alternative means of financing music projects. Currently, crowdlending includes the following models.

  • Investing in companies and projects.
  • Crowdfunding by companies or individuals.
  • Donations.
  • Social investment.
Infographic on how crowdlending works

Top 10 crowdlending and crowdfunding platforms for investment-based financing.


We start with the excellence of the European P2P and P2B lending market. Latvian crowdlending platform Mintos. is the undisputed leader in terms of size and diversity… … . although from 2022 onwards there are alternatives, such as Pearberry and Estategur, which may surpass it in terms of name recognition and investment value.

Mintos is a truly global online lending marketplace, backed by more than 500,000 investors who have made loans worth ¤8 billion.

Mintos crowdlending
Crowdlending Mintos website

Advantages of investing in Mintos, the best crowdlending platform for investment lending

  • All types of lending (P2P, P2B, ……) A large number of
  • Large selection of loan specialists.
  • Investments start from 10 euros per loan.
  • Most loans come with a repurchase guarantee.

About the Mintos portfolio – Best P2P 2022

The Mintos market was once the largest proportion of our overall crowdlending portfolio, but due to declining profitability in recent years and the presence of increasingly strong alternatives, it is gradually being replaced by other strong markets such as Estategel and Pearberry. … Will it be able to maintain its leading position in 2022?


Bondora is an experienced Estonian-based platform specialising in P2P lending. Within the series of investment platforms we present, it is a perfect complement in the category of person-to-person lending.

Bondora offers access to a wide range of P2P loans in countries such as Estonia, Finland and Spain, and the returns obtained are very high.

Bondora Crowdlending
Crowlending Bondora website

Advantages of investing in the Bondora mass rendering investment platform

  • The platform has a proven track record of delivering returns to investors for over a decade.
  • It has set the standard for P2P lending in Europe.
  • It invests in loans of up to 1 euro, providing a very high level of diversification with very little capital.
  • It provides investors with a very high risk-adjusted return.
  • Very easy to use and very adaptable to our investment style.
  • Instant deposit by credit card (not only transfer).

How to include Bondora in your 2022 portfolio

Bondora is a necessary P2P lender for our investment crowdlending portfolio. Of course, there is a higher risk of default with P2P loans than with P2B loans, but we believe that the potential return and higher interest rates more than compensate for this.

It is an ideal component for the portfolio of platforms we are building in 2022.


It is an excellent European market for personal and commercial loans, operated by a strong group of companies and regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (equivalent to the Spanish CNMV).

The platform offers high yields on repo loans (up to 15%) and offers a wide range of investable trades, so rapid diversification should not be a problem.

IUVOalso offers advantages such as an excellent secondary market where shares can be sold quickly when liquidity is needed and access to a crowdlending market with great potential, which is not usually found on other financial platforms such as those in Bulgaria and Romania.

iuvo crowdlending
IUVO Crowdlending Website

Advantages of investing in IUVO Crowdeling – investment loans

  • High-yield loans with guaranteed repurchase.
  • A very high supply, so there are always opportunities for investment and diversification.
  • Access to markets such as Romania and Bulgaria, where lending to low-income groups can be expected.
  • Choice of six financial institutions and six types of loans.
  • Platform regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (similar to the CNMV in Spain).

How to include IUVO in your 2022 portfolio

IUVOs are an excellent and diverse market. It is enviable in terms of performance and product range. Moreover, it is almost exclusively accredited in Bulgaria and Romania.

Another valuable differentiating element is the fact that it is regulated and controlled by a company of its size and prestige, such as the IUVO Group.


Lendermarket is a P2P lending platform of Creditstar Financial Group, highly rated by external sources such as the internal rankings of Mintos and ExploreP2P. The platform offers investment in short or very short term loans with returns of around 14% and, of course, full repayment (principal and interest).
Página web de Crowdlending de LenderMarket

Advantages of investing in small loans on the Lendermarket lending platform

  • Short-term loans with very high margins and full repayment coverage.
  • Platform backed by the originator Credistar, one of the best financial institutions in the European lending environment.
  • A very attractive welcome move for new investors (see below).

How to include Lendermarket in your portfolio in 2022

Lendermarket is an ideal addition to our crowdlending portfolio due to its short-term focus, high profitability and the quality of the lenders.


Estateguru is a company of Estonian origin that has become a crowdlending platform with more than 20,000 active investors and has offered us many mortgage deals in recent years. These operations are also characterised by very high yields (typically 10-12%) and almost zero default rates.

Estateguru crowdlending
Estateguru Crowdlending Website

Advantages of investing in the crowdlending platform Estateguru

  • Access to properties in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Spain.
  • Low failure and accident rates and high profitability per project.
  • Investment from 50 euros.

How Estero is positioned in our portfolio for 2022

The opportunity to invest in Nordic real estate is an ideal complement to the other real estate platform discussed in this review (see Housers), a platform with a really good risk/return ratio. It deserves to be at our TOP.


Brickstarter is a Spanish operating platform specialised in real estate crowdlending, especially in tourist flats, with a careful selection of top quality properties in the main Spanish cities. It is very interesting because it is the first time it has been offered and has had excellent results so far.

Brickstarter crowdlending
Brickstarter Crowdlending Website

Advantages of investing in Brickstarter

  • A solid business model, unlike other real estate crowdlending products.
  • Real estate investments can be made from as little as 50 euros per property.
  • Increased investment liquidity thanks to the market to be created in 2020.

How Brickstarter can be included in the 2022 portfolio

Brickstarter is an important part of our real estate crowdlending sector because, unlike other products focused on financing and development, we can acquire equity in travel properties through Brickstarter and, in addition to capital appreciation, earn rental income from the property once the project is completed. It is a welcome addition to the portfolio.


Bondsteres is a crowdlending marketplace founded in the Czech Republic in 2014 that, unlike other products, brings together more than a dozen originators to offer loans with a guaranteed purchase and a wide range of yields up to 13.5%.

  • The average yield is an attractive 12%.
  • Almost all loans come with a guaranteed buy-back.
  • A wide range of originators and loans, with investments available from as little as EUR 5 per loan.
  • Geographically diverse and the only platform in the Czech Republic.
Bondster crowdlending
Página Web de Crowdlending de Bondster

Bondster’s position in the portfolio in 2022

Bondster is the only Czech crowdlending platform in our portfolio, which brings a very interesting regional element to our overall portfolio.

It is also comparable to the TOP platform in our portfolio in terms of performance and functionality, and we will consider increasing our investment funds in the medium term.


Peerberry is a Latvian short-term lending marketplace created at the end of 2017 that can offer a net yield of 11-12% per annum.

It is a very user-friendly platform with a simple, modern and functional design, ideal for beginners.

It is reminiscent of the well-known ViaInvest and other similar products that offer very similar returns. We invite you to take a look at it.

Peerberry crowdlending
Crowdlending website PeerBerry

Advantages of investing in small loans with PeerBerry

  • Very short-term, lucrative loans with guaranteed repayment A trio of highly regarded P2P lending investors.
  • Very easy to use platform, ideal for beginners …

*Low investment from as little as 10 euros and a well-diversified originator market

PeerBerry’s position in the peer-to-peer platform portfolio 2022

Peerberry is a platform specialised in short-term redemptions, somewhat similar to the well-known Viainvest, but even easier to use and more profitable than the latter; it may not yet have the coverage and investor base of Viainvest, but it is the reference site for the short-term collateral investment market in this area. Undoubtedly, its aim is to become a

Worth checking out: ・・・・. We think you’ll love its simple yet 100% effective design and functionality». .


Swaper is a crowdlending platform focused on simple and uncomplicated investments. Naturally, it offers loans at a fixed interest rate of 12%, has a repurchase guarantee in case of borrower default and a loyalty bonus with which we can earn an additional 2% (up to 14% APR).

Swaper crowdlending
Swaper crowdlending website

Advantages of investing in Swaper

  • A very simple and intuitive platform with one of the most user-friendly interfaces for all types of users.
  • High yield per trade (12%) covered by the platform’s buy-back guarantee.
  • Loyalty bonus (+2% to 14% p.a.) on balances over 5,000 euros.

Swaper’s position in the portfolio in 2022

Swaper is of interest to Mintos. It is an online platform that automatically manages part of your funds and allows you to generate very interesting income in a totally passive way.


It is a Latvian platform specialising in very short-term (up to 30 days) repo-backed loans, offering very reasonable yields (currently around 11%) for this type of operation.

This is a very useful investment niche for low to medium risk users looking for a diversified platform with high liquidity and repurchase capacity.

viainvest crowdlending
ViaInvest Crowdlending Website

Advantages of investing in Via Invest

  • Investment in short-term P2P loans with a 100% repurchase guarantee.
  • A wide range of investments starting from 10 euros, ideal for easy diversification even with small capital.
  • Backed by the strong credit groups to which Viainvest belongs, such as the ViaSMS Group.

How ViaInvest is positioned in the 2022 portfolio

ViaInvest offers mainly very short-term, high-yield investments with 100% redemption protection. Although it is not currently the most profitable market, it is a very attractive option for investing amounts that you do not want to tie up for long months, as it is probably one of the best platforms for short-term investments.

It is also simple and easy to use, making it a good option for those new to crowdlending or P2P business.

Other Crowdlending Platform 2022 – More companies to consider when investing in P2P lending.

Storcrowd IN

a real estate crowdlending platform authorised by the CNMV since 2018, on which more than a dozen well-known real estate developers have published their projects, making it one of the best real estate investment offers in Spain today.

Advantages of investing with StockCrowd IN – Crowlanding Spain

  • Investment opportunities with leading developers such as Forcadell, Brickbro and Compropiso.
  • Great diversity within the platform, both in terms of originators, projects and asset types.
  • Platform regulated by the CNMV as a PFP.

How to include Stockclaw IN in your 2022 portfolio

Stockrowd IN is currently one of the best real estate investment crowdlending platforms in Spain. We like that it offers diversity across all developers and has a comprehensive investor protection system, making it one of the pillars of real estate crowdfunding investment today.


October (Lendix until October 2018) is an alternative financing company for SMEs that drives the P2B (business-to-business lending) category of our portfolio.

It is a well-established platform, with impeccable CNMV authorisation, which will provide access to the commercial lending market in Spain, France, Italy and now also in the Netherlands and Germany.

Advantages of investing in October – Investment platforms

*A wide range of leading companies from France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

*Average yields in this category are interesting at around 5-7%.

*You can invest in loans from as little as 20 euros.

Capitall Cell

Capital Cell is an excellent crowdlending or start-up investment platform, approved by the CNMV and specialised in biotechnology and healthcare, which offers broad access and access to shares in companies with high growth prospects in the most promising sectors of the future.

Advantages of investing in Capital Cell

  • Access to a large number of promising new biotechnology companies.
  • Complete and transparent information on each project enables informed investment decisions.
  • Capital Cell invests in all discovered opportunities and aligns them with our interests.

*100% regulated and authorised by the Spanish CNMV (CNMV).

CapitalCell’s position in the 2022 portfolio

Capital Cell is one of the few equity crowdfunding components in the 2022 Crowd portfolio. Crowdfunding is characterised by a combination of very high potential returns and above average risk. Capital Cell offers all the guarantees to maximise this potential while minimising risk, making it an ideal component to increase the average return of a portfolio while accessing the biotech sector.


Robocash is a Croatian crowdfunding platform specialising in automated investment in short-term secured consumer loans. It is currently one of the most affordable and accessible P2P lending investment options for all users.

Advantages of investing in Robocash

  • Most loans are short-term, one month or less.
  • Self-investment oriented platform. Easy to configure with a few parameters.
  • You can invest in businesses from different backgrounds, in different countries, with very interesting returns.

How to integrate Robocash into your portfolio by 2022 is very interesting for short-term oriented platforms, such as Peerberry and Viainvest, as it allows them to diversify their portfolios while earning returns above the industry average.


Urbanitae is a real estate crowdfunding platform fully regulated by the CNMV, which offers selected investments in high yielding properties. It is one of the most influential platforms these days and definitely worth checking out.

Advantages of investing in Urbanitae

  • Platforms regulated by the CNMV.
  • High expected rates of return (typically double digits).
  • An excellent team of experts and an impeccable track record of leading platforms.

How to position Urbanitae in the 2022 portfolio

Urbanitae is possibly the most promising real estate crowdfunding platform in Spain at the moment, thanks to its prudent selection of investments, its impeccable track record and the high profitability of almost all the ventures. For this reason, it is currently the dominant company in our portfolio.


Esketit, a crowdfunding platform owned by the renowned Cream Finance group, presents the most impressive growth rates in the crowdfunding sector in 2022 in terms of volume and number of investors, and the most attractive return/risk in the market The companies offering the best ratios are. In fact, the platform is the fastest growing, offering investments from 10 euros per transaction for a wide range of assets and originators.

Advantages of investing in Esketit

The fastest growing relative crowdfunding platform in 2022*, and one of the most popular choices for investors across Europe this year.

  • Backed by strong lending groups such as Cream Finance, which is behind the platform.

Short and ultra-short-term loans with yields above double digits are very attractive*.

How to include Esketit in your 2022 portfolio

Esketit is rated as the best platform in the new crowdfunding market that has emerged since the Covid-19 crisis, with the most balanced risk/reward ratio and an interesting selection of originators in the crowdfunding industry. included in our portfolio.

(For more information about Eskeitit, check this page often, as it will be posted on this page soon :))


Microwd is a solidarity crowdfunding platform dedicated to financing the projects of women entrepreneurs in Latin America. It is indeed an innovative proposal to use our funds not only for the economic benefit of the people our investments support, but also for social benefit and to improve their quality of life.

Advantages of investing in Microwd – Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

  • Opportunity to use our funds to support women entrepreneurs in Latin America.
  • Attractive initial yields due to low levels of delinquencies and loans.
  • Excellent management team and very good customer service.

Microwd’s position in the portfolio in 2022

Microwd is definitely an attractive platform for those interested in positive investment. It may not stand out in terms of overall profitability and other aspects, but the satisfaction of contributing to society and seeing tangible positive results through capital is irreplaceable.

Neo Finance

Neo Finance is the original Lithuanian-based P2P lending platform that reigns supreme thanks to its cost-effectiveness, functionality, flexibility and generous welcome bonus.

It participates in consumer finance in Lithuania and offers the possibility of activating the amortisation of each loan, in some cases by more than 20%, without losing part of its profitability.

NeoFinance holds a European banking licence and is directly supervised by its country’s central bank and is one of the most reputable companies in this TOP segment at the regulatory level.

Advantages of investing with NeoFinance – P2P with guaranteed funding

  • High-yield P2P loans that can be repurchased
  • Massive loan + one-off investment of up to 10 euros = great opportunity to quickly diversify investment across hundreds of loans

*If liquidity is required, recovery of invested funds is not a problem.

  • After registering and investing, you will receive a nice welcome bonus of 10 euros. There is no reason not to try Neo Finance’s Claudeling.

How to include Neo Finance in your 2022 portfolio

Neo Finance is a hybrid between a net gross margin platform like Bondora and a conservative redemption platform like a typical Latvian site, so we can very easily choose either platform depending on our investment profile.

It is also a highly regulated and secure platform (with a European banking licence) and is specific to Lithuania (which gives it an advantage in terms of country diversity over the crowded Latvian and Estonian platforms).

Finally, the welcome event was great and a good reason to start testing the platform.


Seedrs is a UK-based pan-European crowdfunding or investment crowdfunding company that allows investors to invest from £10 or £10 at a time in promising start-ups from Europe and even around the world, with automated investment and secondary market features (other equity has features not typically found on crowdfunding platforms.

Advantages of investing in the startup investment platform Seedrs – Crowdgrowing

  • Access to a very wide range of start-ups with a global reach.
  • A very low minimum participation for each project (around 10 euros for most opportunities).
  • An automatic reversal can be set.
  • Opportunity to sell our shares in the secondary market to provide liquidity or trade for a short period of time.

Seedrs’ position in the portfolio in 2022

Seedrs is the equity crowdfunding platform with the largest weighting in our 2022 portfolio due to its diversity and ability to allocate capital more efficiently.

We use Seedrs as a pioneer in crowdfunding and start-up investment. It is one of the riskiest types of crowdfunding, but offers the highest potential returns, complementing our positions in Companist and CapitalSell.


is a Spanish company authorised by the CNMV as a co-financing platform (PFP) specialised in investments in renewable energy projects. It is a unique platform with a national presence and will undoubtedly bring diversity to our portfolio.

Advantages of investing in the energy crowdfunding platform Fundeen PFP

*A special platform to participate in photovoltaic projects, in line with the general trend of «green» investments that are so popular these days.

  • Interesting long-term returns.
  • 100% authorised and regulated platform in Spain.

How to include Fundine in your 2022 portfolio

Fundine is one of the few regulated renewable energy investment platforms that we consider attractive in terms of overall portfolio performance, and its role is clearly that of a diversified investment asset. is one of the largest investment platforms in Europe after Mintos, and due to its performance, its wide range of offerings with guaranteed buyback and guaranteed payouts in the range of 10-12%, and – if needed – the ability to invest in different currencies and credit types, it has become one of the most popular pillars of crowdfunding portfolios.

Advantages of investing with

*Second most popular credit platform in Europe after Mintos.

  • Provide sufficient loans with above-average returns and guaranteed repayments or loans with guaranteed repayments.
  • Possibility to invest in loans denominated in currencies other than the euro.
  • Register via our dedicated link and receive an interesting welcome bonus.

Twino’s position in the 2022 portfolio

Twino is the ubiquitous Bullet Mint… Not only. From real estate projects (Twino Ventures series) to loans in other currencies, we are one of the heavyweights of the European crowdfunding scene and will undoubtedly bring integrity, stability and diversity to our portfolio, which offers a wide range of investment assets.


Emprestamo is a Spanish platform belonging to Grupo Financiero Sego, owner of Socios Inversores, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms specialising in secured transactions and investments in invoices, including transactions with municipalities and public administrations It is also.

Advantages of investing in Emprestamo

  • Access to a wide range of assets, such as local government accounts, invoices and catalogues of interesting companies.
  • Belonging to the SegoFinance group, one of the leaders in the Spanish crowdfunding sector, with initiatives such as Socios Inversores.
  • You can invest as little as 50 euros with an automatic savings investment plan.

How to include the Emprestamo in your 2022 portfolio

Emprestamo is one of the strongest companies in 2022. Investors clearly favour collateral-based assets (such as accounts and bills, which is what the platform specialises in), as it has an impeccable track record in terms of reliability and performance.


Brickfy is an innovative crowdfunding platform run by a Spanish team led by Juancho Arregui, in charge of aggregating the best opportunities from various real estate crowdfunding sites and numerous proven international developers. It is, without a doubt, a comprehensive solution that diversifies and deepens our portfolio.

Why invest with Brickfy- Crowdfunding What is crowdfunding?

  • Access a diverse portfolio of loans by type, country and originator on a single platform.
  • Investment amounts are typically as low as EUR 10 per transaction.
  • A platform authorised by the competent authorities as a financial institution and offering maximum public guarantees.

How is Brickfy positioned in the 2022 portfolio?

Brickfy, the platform aggregator, brings additional diversity to our portfolio. By concentrating on one asset class, we can focus on real estate loans to add credibility to our portfolio, or on high-yield loans to increase our average net income. It is up to us to decide which direction we want to take.

Debitum Network.

Debitum Network is an interesting platform specialising in crowdfunding, offering attractive returns on most of the transactions covered by repo and repo collateral. This Lithuanian platform has grown rapidly in recent months thanks to its modern and very intuitive interface and the entry of new promoters.

Advantages of investing in Debitum Network.

  • Access to one of the most powerful crowdfunding platforms in Europe.
  • The platform focuses on the short-term range, with most of the business issued on a repo basis.
  • It is possible to earn interest in euros, as on traditional platforms, or to earn part of the interest in DEB (the platform’s local token).

How Debitum Network is positioned in the 2022 portfolio

Debitum Network is gaining popularity among short-term investment enthusiasts with its guaranteed buyback. The platform is one of the fastest growing companies this year, adding new deals and originators every month, and will soon compete with leaders in the short-term lending sector such as Viainvest and Peerberry.


Reinvest24 is a new real estate crowdfunding platform that differentiates itself from other crowdfunding platforms by its business model of generating passive income from long-term leases.

With an average annual return of approximately 14.6% (including property appreciation + monthly rental bonus), it is definitely a platform worth investing in.

Advantages of investing in crowdfunding ReInvest24

  • Higher returns based on rental property investment opportunities.
  • Long-term asset appreciation potential and capital appreciation potential.
  • Professional management team and carefully selected business opportunities.

How Reinvest 24 is positioned in the 2022 portfolio.

Among the numerous real estate crowdfunding platforms, Reinvest 24 is one of the few specialised in passive rental income. We prefer this long-term approach and have a good selection of investments to diversify our portfolio.


Rendity is a crowdfunding platform specialising in Austrian and German real estate. It focuses on the quality of the underlying assets rather than the net profit margin, which undoubtedly adds to the strength and diversity of our real estate portfolio.

Rendity’s investment advantages.

  • Selected investment opportunities to participate in projects as a private investor together with banks and financial institutions.
  • Access to the real estate markets in Austria and Germany.
  • Good welcome bonus for testing the platform.

How to include Rendity in your 2022 portfolio

Rendity adds geographic diversity to our portfolio by including countries with relatively low capital flows, such as Austria and Germany, and reinforces the type of portfolio (real estate) that we prefer especially for its risk/return ratio.


Profitus is a Lithuanian real estate crowdfunding company, 100% controlled and regulated by the Central Bank of Lithuania and, like the better known Estateguru, specialises in mortgage lending, offering annual returns in excess of 10% on mortgage assets.

Benefits of investing in Profitus

  • Access to prime properties with annual yields of 10% or more.
  • Suitable to complement other related platforms such as Estateguru.
  • The platform is 100% controlled by the relevant regulatory authorities.

How to include Profitas in your 2022 portfolio

Profitus brings diversity and depth to our favourite risk/return asset class: mortgages. Apart from Estategur, the undisputed leader in this field, there is a lack of quality platforms that can complement the excellent Estonian platform, and in this respect Profitus is an excellent portfolio partner and a peer in terms of performance and quality.


Bulkestate is a real estate crowdfunding platform originating from Estonia, which is characterised by projects with high rates of return and the lowest average lending rates in the sector (around 50% on average), which provides additional security for this type of operation.

A recommended investment site for all real estate and mortgage crowdfunding enthusiasts, it is not the best rated and only made it into the top ten because it does not have a large number of deals and projects listed, but it is worth a look.

Why invest in Bulkestate – The Crowlending Opinion

  • Attractive yields averaging 15%.
  • The average LTV of its transactions is 50%, which is significantly lower than that of other platforms.
  • Excellent documentation and detailed information on each published opportunity.

Inclusion of Bulkestate in the 2022 portfolio

In fact, Bulkestate is a relatively small platform compared to industry giants such as Estateguru and Housers. But don’t be fooled. It is a fully complementary investment platform that can boost the average performance of these «brick giants», with highly capable management teams and below-average sector risk capacity. Why not give it a try?