Innovation News in Spain in November 2020

Room 2030 will defend innovation from Avilés in Catalonia with its smart rooms

Room 2030, creator of the smart room of the future (you can see what it looks like here), will be defending the Pavilion of Avilés on 15 September in the Barcelona town of Viladecans, where the country’s most innovative entrepreneurial projects will meet at the V Meeting of Innovative Cities. The company’s founder, Sergio Baragaño, said yesterday that they have already begun mass production for half a dozen orders in as many autonomous communities.
Room 2030 designs, manufactures and sells eco-intelligent rooms that create healthy, sustainable and unique environments. It is a modular housing solution at a very affordable price. Its origins lie in a innovation consortium led by ArcelorMittal and made up of large industrial and technological companies.

On 14 October, the technical committee of the «Avilés seeks its most innovative company» competition announced Room 2030 as the most innovative company in the municipality. Thus, on 15 June, the mayoress, Mariví Monteserín, and the architect, Sergio Baragaño, will defend the proposal from Avilés against 30 others in a four-minute presentation.

«We have an absolutely innovative and highly motivating project for the city, and not only as an innovative profession where innovation is based on products that are made in the city and manufactured in the city,» said Monteserín.

Baragaño said he was «delighted» to represent Avilés with a project that «was born here, has an industrial and technological mission and involves companies from the surrounding area». Very connected with the city».

‘Camino de la Innovación’ brings innovation opportunities to SMEs all over Galicia

The Xunta de Galicia, through the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), launches the Innovation Road initiative, a travelling space that will visit 18 municipalities in four Galician provinces during the months of November and December – in uninterrupted hours from 9 am to 6 pm – with the aim of advising SMEs and disseminating among them the need and possibilities of innovation as a key factor to gain competitiveness and growth.

The event, which will take place on board a trailer, will have 18 stages, the first of which will take place on Friday 5 November in Vilalba. The Innovation Road is part of the Programme to Boost Innovation in SMEs launched by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Regional Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation, a specific action subsidised with 12 million euros to help Galician SMEs and micro-enterprises to invest in innovation, aimed at companies that have the potential to innovate but have not yet done so, especially those in non-urban areas.

Each stage will feature three cases of innovative SMEs from across the region, for a total of 54 success stories that compete in international markets and exemplify how innovation can be introduced in any sector and company. Attendance to the meeting requires pre-registration through the Gain website.

In addition, there will be more than 200 counselling sessions for SMEs to analyse innovation opportunities and how to implement them using tools that work in other companies. To this end, experts will be able to provide an objective view of the innovation capacity of each SME.

On the basis of this advice, each company will be assisted in developing a plan that will enable it to implement action plans leading to tangible results. Companies interested in applying for advice can do so via the Innovation Pathway section of the Agency’s website.

Explanatory materials on innovation tools and techniques will also be made available to the public, which will be expanded with new content during 2022, as well as an online course on the basics of innovation.

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