Entrepreneurship has become an increasingly valid and popular option for achieving financial independence, helping to solve a problem and creating high-impact products and services.

But entrepreneurship has become an increasingly valid and popular option for achieving financial independence, helping to solve a problem and creating high-impact products and services.

But the entrepreneurial path can be very complicated.

However, the entrepreneurial path can become very complicated. To make your life easier, there are technological resources to manage your time, get funding, freelancer workers, designs, etc. We list 7 applications that will be useful for the management and expansion of your business.

1. GetNinjas


If your business focuses on jobs such as carpentry, plumbing, banqueting, masonry, construction, event entertainment or similar, this app will help you find clients. With geolocation technology, the app notifies you when a person near you requires the service you offer, so it will work as an effective and practical way to offer your products and services.

2. Kompas

A business that must grow


A business that needs to grow needs capital, and one of the most common ways to access financial resources is through a business loan. To keep your finances healthy and improve your credit history, this application will be your best ally. Kompás lets you know your credit bureau score, the status of your debts (such as credit cards or mortgages), and payment dates, so you will have all the organization of your finances in one place.

3. iZettle Go

To attract more people and not lose potential customers by not accepting non-cash payment methods, a good tool is iZettle Go. The app works as a point-of-sale terminal with which you can accept card payments, so you won’t lose any customers. In addition, you can create your product catalog in the same application to keep better control and record sales.

4. Workana

During the first few years of the project.

During the early stages of your venture you will encounter different tasks that you may not have mastered, but are indispensable to operate, such as accounting, invoicing, marketing or website design. Hiring freelancers is the most practical way to have a professional to take care of these specific tasks, without the need to integrate them permanently to your work team. Workana is a marketplace where you can find this talent in a simple and practical way.

5. Canva

Your new business needs a graphic identity to differentiate itself so that your customers begin to recognize you. You are probably not a designer and may not have immediate resources to pay one, and this is where Canva comes in. In this application you have tools to create designs from brochures and presentations, to a logo and banners for websites. You can start from scratch or use the different templates and make the changes you need to create your own brand. It has a free version, as well as Pro and Enterprise options, to get even more resources and benefits for your business.

6. Buffer

At a time when having the presence of a business is a must.

In times where having a presence in networks is indispensable to reach more people, Buffer will be a great ally. In this app you can manage all your social networks at once, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. From scheduling posts to getting easy-to-read metrics of your brand’s performance on networks, you’ll be able to have a complete overview of all your profiles to create a great content strategy.

Buffer is the perfect tool for you.

7. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular messaging application at the moment.

WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular messaging application of the moment, and therefore it is not a bad idea to incorporate this medium into your business to maintain communication with your customers. WA Business serves to provide useful information to your audience, including your product or service catalog and the address of your business, as well as to schedule automated messages and create quick answers to frequently asked questions.

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