10th Ciudad Real Entrepreneurship Forum

The 10th Ciudad Real Business Forum will focus on local experience

The Chamber of Commerce and the CEEI have organised a new edition of the traditional forum of entrepreneurship of Ciudad Real, which will take place this Tuesday, 9th November, at 10.00 a.m. virtually.

This free meeting, now in its tenth edition since 2012 and the second time it has been held in online format, aims to be a space that, as in previous years, continues to focus on training and the exchange of experiences, and to help those who are starting or considering this activity. As in previous years, it will continue to focus on training and the exchange of experiences, and will serve to help those who are starting out or are considering this activity.

The activity will open with a conference entitled «Entrepreneurship: leadership and transformation», given by Juan Ferrer, an expert in management skills such as coaching, negotiation, teamwork, leadership and time management, and in the discovery of new ways of working.

Ferrer has worked as a consultant in Spain and Latin America, where he has participated in the implementation of change in companies, motivating and engaging people in transformation, development and continuous improvement. He has published three books and is a regular contributor to various media.

This virtual forum will also be attended by Nino Redruello, the fourth generation of the more than one hundred-year-old family business La Ancha. Together with his brother Santiago, this businessman and chef took over the generational baton a few years ago; shortly after this concept, Las Tortillas de Gabino, La Gabinoteca and Fismuler will be added.

They were among the first entrepreneurs in the Spanish gastronomic sector to face the COVID-19 crisis, with their own brand Armando, which opened up new business opportunities. They bring new concepts to the hotel and gastronomy industry, such as marketing, advertising and communication.

Different experiences of entrepreneurship in Ciudad Real

As in every edition of this forum, there will be a panel of experiences with companies from Ciudad Real at different stages of their business life, this time featuring women.

On the one hand there is Freedom and Flow, with sisters Beatriz and Carmen Crespo, a company that works in the health sector with a model of preventive medicine and medical diagnosis in the field of healthy lifestyles.

On the other hand, Violeta Zapata, creator of the Violeta Porté brand, will talk about the process of creating the first Spanish fashion brand aimed at users of insulin pumps as a medical device. For the treatment of diabetes and her work designing and selling clothes and accessories designed to meet the needs of this group.

Ciudad Real becomes a forum for investment and entrepreneurship at the «Business Market».

The Municipal Institute for Economic Promotion, Education and Employment (IMPEFE) of the City Council organised the third forum of the «Ciudad Real Business Market» in the Antiguo Casino. This event aims to promote entrepreneurship, business development and investment .

The forum was attended by several representatives of the political, economic and industrial sectors of the city. The mayoress of Ciudad Real thanked all the registered entrepreneurs and investment funds for their participation in the forum. Eva María Masías said that this meeting serves to make Ciudad Real a national and international benchmark for investors and entrepreneurs to meet and develop the potential that our city has for the future.

The president of IMPEFE, Pedro Maroto, said that the aim of this forum is for Ciudad Real to be seen as a destination for business, especially for young people. He also stated that events will continue to be planned throughout the year to promote investment.

Agustín Espinosa, delegate of the Province of Castilla-La Mancha for the Economy, Trade and Employment in Ciudad Real, expressed his support for this event, which serves as a boost to investment at a time of economic recovery. The Government of Castilla-la Mancha has not ceased to promote business investment, having «allocated 375 million euros to maintain companies between direct aid, to stimulate the tourism sector, loans and guarantees». In addition, it has earmarked 25 million euros for business investment and another 10 million euros for entrepreneurship and the creation of new self-employed workers. He also announced the recent creation of the Council for the Attraction of Foreign Investment.

Josu Gómez, consultant and entrepreneur, highlighted the high level of the forum participants, including Mariyeni del Carmen Bautista, CEO of Della Capital; Francisco Lozano, CEO of Área Financiera; Jorge Field, of Cupido Capital; and Fernando Monroy Huete, CEO of GDSFIN and president of the Madrid branch of the Keiretsu network of business angels. Elena Fernández Bstartup and Fernando Rodríguez Alemany CEO of 15K Angels. Finnova. José Chin, President of the Latin American Chambers of Commerce CAMACOL in the USA, or José Barletta, President of Barnews Research Group and Italo.

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