The situation we are experiencing due to COVID-19, in addition to affecting health,has also put the country’s economy in check. There are some sectors more affected than others, however, entrepreneurs of medium or short trajectory have been, perhaps, the hardest hit.


The word “reinvent yourself” is possibly becoming a crutch, but in reality it has been the option for entrepreneurs and their workers to move forward. The key during any crisis is to have the ability to accept that it is necessary to innovate again and again.

The key is to have the ability to accept that it is necessary to innovate over and over again.

The key is to have the capacity to accept that it is necessary to innovate over and over again.

Bearing in mind that entrepreneurship generates about 8 thousand formal jobs in the country, according to a study conducted by INNpulsa and the National University, Medellin branch,“reinventing oneself” also becomes an obligation for entrepreneurs.


Well, in general, unemployment figures are worrying. In Colombia, the number reaches more than one million new unemployed, according to the Ministry of Labor. Globally, it could reach from 5.3 million to 25 million unemployed as a result of the spread of the coronavirus, the International Labor Organization warned in a Forbes article.

In parallel, the needs of consumers remain in force during the quarantine, but difficulties arise to reach them directly; and other needs arise demanding innovation in processes and products by entrepreneurs. So,why support entrepreneurs and how to do it in this time of contingency? Here we tell you.

8 reasons to support entrepreneurs


  1. Buying directly from local entrepreneurs and businesses contributes to the growth and strengthening of the economy.
  2. Jobs from the ventures are maintained and possibly new jobs are built. 
  3. Most of the time, the ventures are committed to offering sustainable and environmentally friendly products. If you choose to buy products from these ventures you also contribute to the care of the environment. 
  4. If you choose to buy products from these ventures you also contribute to the care of the environment.
  5. You get unique, original and special gifts. Whoever receives a detail purchased from an enterprise has something different, which has been made with dedication, and in some cases personalized.
  6. You get a unique, original and special gift.
  7. You get an excellent customer service. For entrepreneurs their customers are very valuable, and attend them properly, answer all their doubts, talk about your product or service with passion. Finally, you know that a good experience will be reflected in a recurring customer or that they will recommend you to their friends. Here the saying “served by the business owner”
  8. applies.

  9. Fast delivery of products. Buying local ensures that there is an advantage in shipping times.  Now, it should be noted that some businesses are adapting to these new modalities.
  10. When you buy from a startup you support creativity, original design and innovation. Local talent is very valuable.
  11. “The money stays at home.” Unlike buying from department stores or buying imported products, entrepreneurs keep the money flowing because they generally also source their raw materials from local suppliers.

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    Actions we can take to help entrepreneurs



    • As we have already said, the main thing is Buy from local businesses, in the neighborhood stores, from artisans, the farmers in the square. Buy from ventures that use social networks as a showcase. 
    • Supporting the businesses of friends, relatives; helping them to make them known to more people, through their own social networks, for example.
    • If you have knowledge in digital marketing, digital platforms, online payments, you can offer free help to achieve its implementation in ventures that have not yet made the step to digital. 
    • Recommend products that have been purchased from entrepreneurs.
    • Like posts of entrepreneurship businesses, commenting on the posts, interacting with their content.

    Entrepreneurs who adapt or reinvent


    The moment we live in has directed various sectors to seek alternatives for the sustainability of their businesses, either creating new products, adapting their business ideas to current needs or exploring digital and home tools. For example, businesses of furniture for homes, fashion that offers biosecurity garments, details to celebrate special dates at home, among others.


    They are looking for alternatives for the sustainability of their businesses, either creating new products, adapting their business ideas to the current needs or exploring digital and home tools.

    Because #ConTranquilidadPodemos we talked to some entrepreneurs and they told us how they have managed to cope with this time of contingency and how people can help their ventures.

    We asked them how they have managed to overcome this time of contingency and how people can help their ventures.

    We asked them:

    1. How have you managed to cope during this time?
    2. How have you managed to cope during this time?
    3. How do you think people can help entrepreneurs? That is, as entrepreneurs how would you like your customers to help you.



    Ana Blooms is the brand of Ana Peralta, a designer and illustrator who offers products and content related to art from her designs. She tells us that she has focused on contributing and improving the daily life of her clients, either functionally or emotionally. “This time has been an impressive growth for my company and has led us to expand in many areas. I have strengthened the relationship with my clients. More than offering products or aiming only to sell, I have set as a goal to generate valuable content that connects us and that can help them during this time,” says Ana.

    “As far as products are concerned, I’ve been able to create a lot of content that connects us and that can help them.

    “In terms of products, I have focused on those I already had and that in this time of quarantine have been very valuable, such as the kitchen aprons, and I have also created new ones, such as gift kits and mouth covers”. This is precisely what is happening with some brands and businesses that have seen the demand for protective clothing as a business opportunity.

    For Ana Blooms, there are many ways to help entrepreneurs, for example, sharing their work on social networks, having interactions with their publications if they like something (writing something, recommending it to someone, etc).

    And he adds “having empathy with entrepreneurs is very important. That is,  understand that we are all adapting to new methods and that we may have mistakes and failures in the processes, but instead of judging or pointing fingers, have empathy and be understanding, show support and patience, so that we grow together.”

    The Rose Garden


    Beautiful flower arrangements and handmade pastries is what La Rosaleda offers, a choice of special details to deliver to loved ones in this time of being at home.

    Yasmin Bernal and Alejandro Villamil, the two young creators of La Rosaleda share with us that during these weeks of quarantine they have managed to connect more with their followers on social networks and understand they must be flexible. 

    “Now we share recipes and our followers choose from several options which ones they prefer to learn. We know that this may be a season where people are thinking about saving and maybe they don’t have in their priorities to buy flowers or desserts; however, by being connected with our social networks learning and enjoying they join us and we feel their support,” Yasmin tells.


    La Rosaleda also tells us that they have not been so demanding with orders. “If there is availability, the same day it is made and delivered; we have been working Sundays and holidays, we have been flexible,” Yasmin adds.

    The Rosaleda also tells us that they have not been so demanding with the orders.

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    Ktache plus size


    Ktache is a clothing brand created for curvy / plus size women, made in Colombia and led by fashion designer Karolina Tache, who emphasizes that people take love to the national, because Colombian textile products are excellent. 

    According to Karolina, “this moment is ideal for an invitation to all of us to buy local brands, to support all Colombian brands; it is the best way to move forward, now and always.”

    Also, he says that this time of contingency “for Ktache has been a time to reinvent itself, it has been a boost to enhance e-commerce and the digital theme of the brand. We relaunched the website. With all this theme we are doing more digital marketing and we have managed to be alert about what is happening.”


    Ktache also agrees that “sharing our products, recommending us to your friends, on social networks, is a way that helps us get more people to know us. All entrepreneurs have fixed expenses, we have to keep paying payroll, premises and this is a way to manage to sustain business.”

    “sharing our products, recommending us to friends, social networks.

    Almacén El Hachazo 


    Antifluid fabrics have become a staple in the textile sector. In the case of Almacén El Hachazo, a traditional Bogota fabric warehouse, this quarantine has been the opportunity to advance in its digital transformation and, moreover, manage to meet the demand for anti-fluid fabrics. 

    “To overcome these weeks of quarantine, we have focused our efforts in the digital area and also started to offer the option of home delivery to facilitate the acquisition of our products,

    “preserving the health of our customers,” indicates Almacén El Hachazo. 

    For them the best way to support them is for customers to take advantage of the use of digital tools by avoiding leaving home, “they are the demands of this era, and adapting to them is what will allow sectors like ours to continue to operate”. Certainly, the fabrics have been in great demand precisely for the production of masks, uniforms and gowns for the health area and protective clothing. 

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    La Carpintería


    La Carpinteria took advantage of this quarantine time to accompany its customers  and respond to their needs with furniture that aims to the changes and needs that are being presented in the houses as performing home office, furthermore, to reaffirm its purpose.

    Daniela Chica and David Espinosa, creators of La Carpintería, tell us that they took this time with the best attitude and like other ventures the first thing they did was to accompany their followers; La Carpintería did it with tips content, free advice, alliances with designers.  “Then, we did start to look at what new products people are needing, such as work tables, portable desks, furniture receivers to leave shoes and other items at the entrance of the homes, etc. Partnerships with designers also helped us get back to our essence, which is to democratize furniture with design.”

    Among the advice given by Daniela and David to support entrepreneurs, they agree in  “understand that, now more than ever, we must buy Colombian products, from small and medium-sized local companies. We must all be very conscious of choosing who to buy from so that the country’s economy is reactivated,” they say.

    “We must also be empathetic and patient because we are learning about the logistical processes.

    “Also have empathy and patience because companies are learning about logistics processes. Instagram and WhatsApp are now our channels and we hope that people understand that if the shipment takes time or if we are late in answering messages it is because we are in a learning process of these new dynamics.” 

    Blue Bird, surprise breakfasts 


    About celebrating special dates from a distance Blue Bird is a startup that offers breakfast and surprise gifts at home. They told us that the quarantine has not been an impediment to celebrate, encourage or show love through their nice details.

    “Despite the cost overruns in inputs and packaging, due to the interrupted supply chain, we have delivered each basket with the best ingredients on the market, environmentally friendly packaging and an artisanal gastronomic proposal”, says Blue Bird.

    /p> Blue Bird.

    They also invite you to share the ventures and their products with friends, referencing and spreading the experience, quality and service. 

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