marketing for entrepreneurs A good entrepreneur identifies an opportunity, plans and organizes the necessary resources to develop it: he applies his ingenuity and inventiveness, generates ideas, establishes plans, generally applies his aptitudes and skills in almost always innovative business models . It is at this moment that he discovers what he needs from some & nbsp; digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs & nbsp; to bring his projects to life and generate new connections and income.

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The & nbsp; digital marketing for entrepreneurs & nbsp; refers to the application of intelligent marketing strategies in digital media, and consists of methodically using the & nbsp; digital marketing tools & nbsp; most suitable for each of the phases of the entrepreneurship project.

Strategic-operational marketing plan for entrepreneurs

The most interesting thing about & nbsp; digital marketing for entrepreneurs & nbsp; is that & nbsp; is not only about structuring a digital advertising strategy or methods of application in channels traditional, but a series of elements and updated techniques such as & nbsp; storytelling & nbsp; or & nbsp; email marketing, which together will serve not only to publicize the products and consolidate the brand but also to & nbsp; position yourself in search engines, and progressively raise your ROI. There are two types of plans: strategic marketing and operational marketing.

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Strategic marketing plan

Operational marketing plan

It is related to the analysis of your startup, the resources you have and the objectives you want to achieve. This refers to the implementation of the strategies and actions defined in the strategic plan.

The ideal is to contemplate the creation of a single marketing plan that involves both definitions, that is, an operational strategic plan.

Steps to develop a strategic-operational Marketing plan:

  • Segment public

It is important that as an entrepreneur you choose well the market niche where you will develop your activity. This will determine whether you can create a competitive, strong business with a differential value.

  • Analyze the competition


The marketing plan also contemplates knowing the competition and analyzing their steps, i.e. what they do and how. This will help you determine your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


  • Define value proposition


You must ask yourself what value your brand delivers to your customers in order to define your proposition. It is essential to establish a compelling reason why potential customers would buy from you and not from your competitors. Defining this proposition, as well as your objectives, will allow you to move forward.

  • Establish the channels


Communication is key, because today who does not communicate your brand, does not exist. Fortunately there are now many channels that allow the dissemination of your products and services, but you must know how to choose these channels well and manage them in a way that they are of maximum benefit to you.

  • Choosing partners

When setting up a marketing plan for entrepreneurs you may find that you need a partner. Knowing how to choose one is essential, as the success of your project may depend on it. When we talk about partners, we refer to both financial and creative partners.

The former will provide capital and the latter will help you to successfully carry out your promotional strategies. Marketing agencies, for example, have specialists in the area that will help you get the clients you need in this first stage while you are promoting your venture.


Marketing strategies and resources for entrepreneurs


Having a marketing plan for entrepreneurs will help you determine which strategies to follow to best engage with customers and get them to buy your product or service. These are some of the most commonly used resources for brand promotion.

  • Create a blog with original and valuable content.
  • Use social networks.
  • Deliver business cards.
  • Write in blogs that have to do with the products or services you offer.
  • Offer eBooks, tutorials or webinars.
  • Attend business events.
  • Offer discounts.

These are some of the most relevant advantages of digital marketing for entrepreneurs:


♦  Helps stimulate your audience’s interest


Customers are, apart from your brand identity, the fundamental foundations on which your business is built, which is why it is so important to generate interest among leads or potential customers. Your product can be of high quality and efficiency, but you will necessarily need personal testimonials or some kind of reference that can endorse it. The ideal is the creation of blogs or pages with articles of content that generates interest and provides value. Linking social media accounts to the corporate blog will also generate more traffic, in turn readers who will potentially become clients.

♦  Allows you to identify the needs of your customers


marketing entrepreneurshipIn order to obtain accurate information the Inbound Marketing proposes a tool known as buyer persona, a fictitious profile of a type of customer that responds to a pattern of behavior with motivations and needs. You can develop several profiles according to the different types of people who may be interested in your venture project to adjust the information and make your strategy more effective with each segment of the public.

♦  Make it easy to know your direct competition


The demand and growth of the 2.0 environment allows you to monitor what activities the companies that are the closest competitors to your brand or business are doing, what digital marketing strategies have been most suitable for them, what are the most used keywords and what actions they execute to attract new customers. Little by little you will be able to define the essential elements that will make the difference between your brand and the rest, that is, your competition. This information gives you a slight advantage, because it allows you to foresee scenarios and incidents.

♦  Promotes the building of a solid brand


content marketingThe digital marketing allows with great ease the location of potential collaborators and investors: A quality website with articles where you explain in detail the project to be developed, the objectives to be achieved and the public to whom it will be addressed will provide not only seriousness, but will give reputation, essential points to get sponsors who want to join you in the project.


♦  You will be able to present the product to a wider audience


Using digital marketing techniques in most cases, presupposes considerable savings, since thanks to them you can reach a larger number of audience at a lower cost. The presence in social networks, interaction with the public through forums or use of inbound marketing that are nothing more than combined online marketing techniques that seek to attract customers and retain users in a non-aggressive way, through an attractive content.

♦  Propicia control and management of your brand image


hire digital marketing agencyThe public’s opinion is of utmost importance at this point, since it provides information that allows improving and redirecting efforts, resources, and strategies to improve the brand image. Through the various means, techniques and resources, you will be creating a link in which you will give value to the opinions of your customers to continue growing as an entrepreneur and you can directly evaluate the positive or negative comments of your products.

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marketing entrepreneurshipThe digital marketing for entrepreneurs is a primordial and necessary tool to present a brand. For this, it is important to always keep yourself informed about the trends in your niche and updates on the platforms. If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative spirit and a great capacity to offer solutions to the vital needs of your market, the world of digital marketing and advertising will undoubtedly continue to expand its horizons for you.

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