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An investment, in general terms, is the use of resources in the productive or capital sector with the objective of achieving benefits or profits and its importance lies in obtaining financial freedom. In order to make an investment, financial resources (money) must be available.

Andalusia is "a great magnet for business, knowledge and investment in southern Europe".
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Have you ever borrowed money? If you haven't done it, you probably know someone who has. Borrowing money is a normal part of our society and a situation that all people have to go through. companies. Even governments do it.…

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What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the process of raising a small amount of money from a large number of people to fund a new business. Crowdfunding uses the convenience of social media and crowdfunding sites to connect investors and entrepreneurs…

Investment company BAD launches its flagship ETF

Investment company BAD launches its flagship ETF

OVERLAND PARK, CT--(BUSINESS WIRE)---BAD Investments, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the ETF BAD (NYSE: BAD). This large-cap index fund will cover all segments of the BAD market, including gaming (casinos, bookmakers, online gaming), alcohol/cannabis (production and sale…

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Global Gateway: up to ¤300 billion for an EU strategy to promote sustainable global connectivity

European venture capital in e-Health

Austria UNIQA Ventures UNIQA Ventures is the venture capital arm of the UNIQA Group, a leading insurance group in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. They invest in exceptional business models driven by strong teams and…

Investment and its poisoned advice

Investment and its poisoned advice

Social media is a nest of so-called stock market experts giving poisoned advice that can rob you of a lot of money. "Do you want to learn how to earn income and have an extraordinary life? These kinds of ads…

BBVA presents an offer to take over half of the Turkish bank Garanti, which it does not control, for 2.249 billion euros.
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