It is known as entrepreneurship the attitude and aptitude that an individual takes to initiate a new project through ideas and opportunities. The entrepreneurship is a term widely used in the business world, due to its relationship with the creation of companies, new products or product innovation.

7 consejos para crear tu negocio en españa

7 Tips for Starting a Business in Spain

Setting up a business in Spain can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging, especially if you have limited funds. However, with careful planning and execution, it is possible to launch a successful business even…

Starting a business in Europe

Setting up a business in Europe gives you automatic access to one of the world's largest business centres, with a solid infrastructure, strong legal protection and a skilled workforce The EU is the world's second largest economy, with a nominal…

The entrepreneurial potential of empowered women in Almeria
the small business entrepreneur

Small business entrepreneur

What is a small business entrepreneur? A small business entrepreneur is one who sets goals and makes strategic decisions about the resources, management and administration of the business. They are commercially and legally accountable to third parties. What type of…

Why Europe is catching up with the US

Why Europe is catching up with the US

American exceptionalism is both a blessing and a curse. The rest of the world may find the innate arrogance of the American people amusing, but that arrogance always makes its citizens go the extra mile. America sends men to the…

Mañueco invites Castilla y León to "break records with entrepreneurship and achievement".
The European Commission has today launched the Startup Village Forum.
Supporting youth entrepreneurship in rural areas
Entrepreneurship against rising prices in Miranda de Ebro

Doing business against rising prices

Entrepreneurship against price increases in Miranda de Ebro The exponential increase in the cost of products and goods is not only affecting large companies, but also businesses and poses a serious threat to companies. Even if it is successful in…

Cuenca Provincial Council earmarks 100,000 euros for entrepreneurship through the Integra 4.0 programme
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