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Process innovation

Process innovation

Innovation is transformation, it is the breaking of the status quo, it is change. Companies can innovate in a number of ways, including process innovation and product innovation. Innovation can also occur in the area of business models. Often, companies…

Starting a business in Europe

Setting up a business in Europe gives you automatic access to one of the world's largest business centres, with a solid infrastructure, strong legal protection and a skilled workforce The EU is the world's second largest economy, with a nominal…

Andalusia is "a great magnet for business, knowledge and investment in southern Europe".
The entrepreneurial potential of empowered women in Almeria
the small business entrepreneur

Small business entrepreneur

What is a small business entrepreneur? A small business entrepreneur is one who sets goals and makes strategic decisions about the resources, management and administration of the business. They are commercially and legally accountable to third parties. What type of…

New Start-up Law
infographic government bonds


Have you ever borrowed money? If you haven't done it, you probably know someone who has. Borrowing money is a normal part of our society and a situation that all people have to go through. companies. Even governments do it.…

invertir en crowdfunding


What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the process of raising a small amount of money from a large number of people to fund a new business. Crowdfunding uses the convenience of social media and crowdfunding sites to connect investors and entrepreneurs…

helium cryptocurrency logo

What to consider before investing in Helium

Qualitative data Vision The Helium concept is the most ambitious we have seen in blockchain since the advent of smart contracts on the Ethernet platform. Helium represents a fundamentally new approach to deploying and managing wireless networks at scale, an…

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